Red, white, or what?

Having many friends who prefer different types of wine, I decided to put out a little survey to the Facebook world to get a fresh response to the age-old question: Are you a red or white wine person?
The survey offered four options: red, white, bubbly, or no thank you. My findings were completely inconclusive; red and white wines scored the exact same in a sample group of 20 people. There were eight who chose red, eight who chose white, three who chose bubbly, and only one no thank you (because I have smart Facebook friends.)
Now, I definitely enjoy a glass of whites or the bubbles on occasion, but I’m red all the way. Always have been. I find it to be more interesting to drink without food to compliment it, whereas white wine really excels primarily when I have a nice, light summer meal in front of me. “Red is more in your face, more bang for your buck,” says Christine Callahan. “It’s also a lot less sweet most times, which means I can drink more of it without getting a stomach ache.”
Shivani Jani said of her selection, “I tend to drink more whites because I find red wine to be too dry, and I don’t like how that feels on my palate.” My guess is she probably was referring to the generally higher amount of tannins in red wine, creating a more acidic taste and feel about the wine. In fact, many who prefer white wine feel that way for this reason. To all those who feel this way I say, keep on drinking. You’ll come around.

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